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A free website for the Kotukutuku Gully (at Maketu). The website was built by Magic Maketu Project, and sponsored by the Ngow Family Foundation, as per the request of Kotukutuku Gully members recently.

This is one of the many websites we have built recently. Free for the community.

Ngow or Never Wildlife


We are pleased to adopt a sun bear from the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Borneo.

BRO & BRO Ngow or Never Wildlife

Ruby (Little Missy)

We are adopting another orang utan from Borneo

Date of Birth: 2013
Gender: Female
Information: Ruby is Saddamiah’s first child and Seduku third
grandchild. The healthy young lady has become
more independent and always seen playing with
her playmate Jubilee.

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New Zealand birds series

Kong cartoon’s new project – the New Zealand birds: native, introduced and extinct birds, is now available on the educational website.

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BRO & BRO Ngow or Never Wildlife

Meet Baka

Mr. Baka was born in 2005. He is an adorable orangutan we adopt. He has been taken care of by some wonderful staff and volunteers at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre in the city of Kuching, Borneo. Formerly a mother’s boy who clung tightly to his mother. Baka is now one of the centre’s most notorious playboys, constantly seen chasing female residents. That’s how life goes on.

Orangutans are human’s closest relatives that share nearly 97% of the same DNA.