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Ngow or Never Wildlife


We are pleased to adopt a sun bear from the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, Borneo.

BRO & BRO Ngow or Never

Foreign cartoon

Bro & Bro in a foreign language

For the first time, Bro & Bro is available in another language. The Chinese version of Bro & Bro is here.

BRO & BRO Ngow or Never

Freelance portrait

Kong cartoon has added a new art service

Order your personalized face portrait painted by Kong. Send us your picture by mail or by email. Your portrait with a resolution of 950 by 530 px, will be sent back to you by email in png format.

Due to high demand and limited resources, we can only produce one drawing a week.

Custom portrait is priced at NZ$50 only. Order now.

All proceeds donated to charity.

BRO & BRO Ngow or Never Wildlife

Ruby (Little Missy)

We are adopting another orang utan from Borneo

Date of Birth: 2013
Gender: Female
Information: Ruby is Saddamiah’s first child and Seduku third
grandchild. The healthy young lady has become
more independent and always seen playing with
her playmate Jubilee.

BRO & BRO Learning Centre Ngow or Never Wildlife

New Zealand birds series

Kong cartoon’s new project – the New Zealand birds: native, introduced and extinct birds, is now available on the educational website.

BRO & BRO Ngow or Never

Computer background wallpapers


Celebrate new year 2020, and download your FREE copies of BRO & BRO screen background wallpapers at

Happy new year 2020

BRO & BRO Community Environment Humanity Literacy Magic Maketu Ngow or Never Wildlife

To charity

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BRO & BRO donates your purchase to various charitable organizations in New Zealand and around the World via the Ngow Foundation.

Support our fund raising projects, contribute to peace

BRO & BRO Ngow or Never

Good old postcards

Why is it so hard to find something as simple as a postcard?

Are we living in space age, a too complex world these days? We communicate electronically, fast, almost instantly, and expected the message to get through, to be read now and responded to now, if it is not deleted.

Even your local post office doesn’t sell postcards anymore. Can you believe it?

Is social media the new postcard?

A postcard is a printed card with space for a message, address, stamp, and a photo or illustration on the other side that does not need an envelope. The postcard is not dead, even if there is no privacy and is much slower to send your message when compared to a tweet. Not everyone is using technology to communicate.

In fact a postcard can arrive with love, care, warmth and personal touch. Imagine your love ones receive a postcard from you, and your message that can be held in their hands. This makes it real.

BRO & BRO Ngow or Never

New books bulletin – December

New Zealand Society of Authors

BRO & BRO ‘One Stone Two Birds‘ features in this month’s NZSA new books bulletin, showcasing NZSA members published books in the month of their release.