Good old postcards

Why is it so hard to find something as simple as a postcard?

Are we living in space age, a too complex world these days? We communicate electronically, fast, almost instantly, and expected the message to get through, to be read now and responded to now, if it is not deleted.

Even your local post office doesn’t sell postcards anymore. Can you believe it?

Is social media the new postcard?

A postcard is a printed card with space for a message, address, stamp, and a photo or illustration on the other side that does not need an envelope. The postcard is not dead, even if there is no privacy and is much slower to send your message when compared to a tweet. Not everyone is using technology to communicate.

In fact a postcard can arrive with love, care, warmth and personal touch. Imagine your love ones receive a postcard from you, and your message that can be held in their hands. This makes it real.

Book release!

One Stone Two Birds

Kia ora. Warmest greetings!

I am excited to announce the release of my first BRO & BRO cartoon book ‘One Stone Two Birds’.

Thanks to my wonderful family and friends for their encouragement and support, knowing that I am not alone in this journey. Every message I receive from you absolutely makes my heart glow. It truly takes me into another dimension of only love and peace lifting my spirit.

Thank you.


Order a copy here