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New community learning centre logo

Today we are pleased to launch a new logo for our educational website. It has been redesigned to refresh the look and the many new lessons being offered or planned for the community learning centre.

The yellow star represents happiness, optimism, creativity, enlightenment, sunshine and bright. Green e represents educational, nature, tranquility, good luck, health, growth, freshness and safety.

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars – Casey Kasem.

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WOW (Words of Wisdom) Challenge

Have some fun and facts (and challenge). Check out our new ‘Daily WOW Challenge’ series on our popular educational website.

Do you dare to challenge?

What do you think?

Music to my ears / No, thanks.

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Learn bugle

Our educational centre is offering another new music course – learn how to play bugle.

The bugle is one of the simplest brass instruments, sounded by the vibration of the lips against a mouthpiece.

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Learn Mandarin

We are offering free online Mandarin lessons

Learn spoken Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the World. There are currently over one billion Mandarin speakers of this ancient language.

The introductory spoken Mandarin language course is intended for learners who have no background in Mandarin. Learners will be taught appropriate introductory level spoken Mandarin.

The course will emphasize greatly on developing participants oral communication skills through listening and practicing at your own pace. Learners are expected to utilize all online materials in this course to ensure success in attaining the introductory level proficiency.

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Learn harmonica

Announcing our new project – learn how to play harmonica.

In our new series on how to play a diatonic ‘C’ scale 10-hole harmonica, you will find some basic info on how to play some simple tunes to begin with.

Harmonica is very portable and easy to learn for all ages. It is cheap, very affordable to own. You will know how to play some familiar tunes instantly. No joke.

More harmonica songs or tabs are being posted on our community learning centre website as and when they are created and tested.

BRO & BRO Learning Centre Ngow or Never Wildlife

New Zealand birds series

Kong cartoon’s new project – the New Zealand birds: native, introduced and extinct birds, is now available on the educational website.

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Home cooked recipes

71 recipes so far

We have 71 home cooked recipes posted on our community learner centre’s website so far. 35 vegetarian and 36 non-vegetarian. They are healthy, simple, cheap and easy to cook food for everyone to try.

Experiment, taste, investigate

We leave the main ingredients and timing of cooking open, with no fixed quantity purposely. This is for you to experiment and try the cooking yourself. We know everyone has different taste buds. Be free to explore. Enjoy.

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Community Learning Centre

Visit our new learning centre website where you can find some home cooked, healthy, quick and cheap recipes shared by Chef Kong. You can also enroll and learn about website making and more. You are welcome to join us to contribute to the learning website.

Learn how to cook simple, fast, healthy, cheap and yummy meals from the recipes we posted on the learning centre’s website.