Music class for primary school children

Kong music – school recorder lessons

Kong music has started its first free music classes for Maketu Primary School recently. Currently 10 children in the senior classes are learning how to play a recorder. Each child is given a new recorder sponsored by our family.

Students are learning how to read music notes and learn to play a song every week. We use the simplest musical notes supplied by Kong music in classes, and it is proven to be the most effective way to get beginners to start playing an instrument in minutes. The recorder is the best musical instrument for anyone wanting to start learning an instrument. It has the basic fingering techniques as other woodwind instruments such as concert flute, clarinet and the saxophone.

Classes are run for an hour once a week. Our tutor is introducing a new musical instrument in class each week to educate children about various musical instruments, with demos.

We welcome school teachers if you want to use our training guides in schools. We have developed a beginner’s guide on how to play the recorder level 1, with 10 basic lessons. We will sponsor a free copy for each school.